My dream…


This photo represents the kitten in my dream perfectly. Photo from:

I’m heading to work when I have to get off of the highway and take a small, curved service road that runs through an open barn and farm house. Just as I start to pull back onto the highway, I stop because I think I’ve heard kittens cry. So, I stop and back up my car. There, laying on a peeling, white plank shelf are four young tabby kittens laying pitifully. They are starving. I can see their ribs and that their bodies are in decay. In a box are newly born kittens mewling.  There is no mother cat, nor human, at this point to help.

So, I start looking for dry cat food to dip in water to feed all of the kittens but it is not enough. People start to appear and a man takes the box of the newly born kittens to a truck and a woman in a rocking chair, watching, says they have a rescue farm and they will take the newborns there to raise. I’m very pleased.

I’m surrounded at this point by people watching sympathetically at my efforts to revive the older kittens. Still laying on their sides. I watch the flies crawl on and off. There are four of these kittens that I’m trying to save.

The second kitten in the row is one I start focusing on. He is a beautiful reddish brown and I’m feeding him when he stands up and grabs my index finger between his teeth and starts painfully biting down. I’m screaming for help! I can feel the bones in my finger crushing and so many people are there watching but making sympathetic “tsking” noises, listening to my cries, but no one steps forth to help. So I use my other hand to grab the kitten’s mouth and notice the proportions are distorted. A large body with legs that are freakishly long. He is growling, his ears are flat, he doesn’t care that I was trying to save him.

I get my finger free, it’s throbbing painfully…but I reach out with my good hand to try and scratch this vicious cat’s ears to try and make friends…assure him I’m not the enemy…and he lunges to attack again…


When do you let them fall?



Over the past several months my eldest spawn have brought it to my attention that they find me controlling and overbearing and maybe…well, not maybe, a wee bit judgmental as well. This knocked me on my ass to be honest. In careful questioning, it turns out that when they have plans or an idea of what they’d like to do, and I can (from my own life experience) see that it is a MAJOR mistake and share that with them…well, they see it as me being unsupportive and harsh.

What is a mom to do? What is the right response when you see your adult child getting ready to do something STUPID? I’ve never forbidden them to follow through with their plan, nor have I put in threats of disowning or punishment.  I’ve just told them my story and the disastrous results that came from a similar action. 

In chating with Bug, and explaining myself and my reasons for my telling my life experiences, she carefully considered my words and said “I want you to tell me. I may not follow your advice, but I want to know if you see me getting ready to do something dumb.” Her brothers however, well, they would like me to keep my pie-hole shut.

Now the question is…if I keep my pie-hole shut good and tight, am I there for the bail out??? Or, does helping with the bailout make me an enabler of dumb moves????

Why did no one tell me that parenting never gets easier…that the worry never ceases…and the urge to protect your young never dies??? <sigh>

House update….



$600 more paid. However, that does not come off the part which is in arrears but is what was due for the current mortgage payment.

Those rotten bastards presented that large chunk of money as if it were all inclusive and if we paid it, by the end of November we’d be caught up. THANK GOD I READ THE SMALL PRINT!

This mortgage company has dozens of websites devoted to its unethical practices. Their goal is to steal people’s homes. So, what to do…what to do…I think this is just a delay in their long game…

But, I’m not done fighting back YET!