It is with pure happiness I share that not just one, but TWO of our most holy popes were canonized into sainthood on Divine Mercy Sunday.


I am sicker than sick, or I would expound upon my happiness and contentment of the fruition of the journey of these men from humble priests, to Godly Popes, and finally being recognized by their canonizations.

But just know that I feel a profound spiritual contentment and peace. Which, if you have been reading earlier posts, know that this is something I’ve not had in while.



Something more cheerful to ponder on….

I am beginning to think that one day, hundreds of years in the future, there will be a legend of me…a millennial Job, but in female form. I hope in this future version of me, let’s call her Jobess, that I will be described as thin and lovely, and then they will go on to enumerate the many, many, MANY bad things which keep attacking me in this world. These trials are not fun, but if I’m remembered as thin and pretty…well, I can accept that. 🙂

Here are two stories of me however which will contradict it:

1) I am at work and speaking to two sisters. We are discussing birth placements in our respective (and very large) faamilies when the oldest sister turns to me and says “you look wonderful for 65!” I, shocked, stuttered out “b-b-but, I’m 53” to which I received an incredulous look and this reply “oh, you really can’t tell from your face…”

And then today, story number 2: Again at work, but at a different location, when the maintenance staff woman stops mopping to gush “oh my gosh! I have to tell you that you look EXACTLY like this actress on TV! I can’t get over it! I mean she’s blonde and stuff, but you LOOK JUST LIKE HER!” Oh! I’m so flattered that I may have simpered and batted my lashes…so, off I go to google my doppleganger to discover this “twin’ of mine is…ummmm….rather unfortunate looking???


So, let the legend begin NOW with you….Once upon a time in the millennium there was a Coffee Sipping Catholic named Jobess, whose loveliness was without measure and a figure so lovely, thin, and entrancing that her followers were legion….(and then we will go on to enumerate my tribulations, which are many, which are crushing, but which are not shaking my faith in the Lord my God, Jesus Christ and most importantly in the comfort and security of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.)

The End