McHamburger Maker Extrordinaire

My baby went and got himself a job! Yep. ALL BY HIMSELF! To say I’m proud of my complicated guy is an understatement. Sadly, with my 7/day/week, 12-hour day work schedules he found himself sitting for looong hours at the local McD’s. Got to chatting with some of the employees.

One day he casually said that he asked for an application and filled it out himself. Internally I thought “Oh no! Poor spelling! Horrific handwriting! He doesn’t stand a chance!”.

Well, a week went by and he did not hear back from them, so after school one day he politely asked for the manager and asked for follow up to his app. I’m sure smiling his charming and beautiful smile. He called me moments later with “I HAVE AN INTERVIEW! I GOT IT AFTER THEY ASKED IF I HAD ANY TATTOOS AND I SAID “NO”!”

His dream was to earn $70. Imagine his pure delight when he earned $170!!!

Gosh I love that kid….

A hamburger and fry maker professional!

A hamburger and fry maker professional!


It’s been a while!


Yep I’m still alive. I’m here. I’m around. My life has been the epitome of the Chinese curse of living in interesting times. There have been good interesting as my sweet lil Bug has married a foreigner…okay, he’s from Canada but still…. Rupert has run away to Cheeseworld….Vitya is now a McHamburger Maker….Spawn 1 is breaking my heart by moving in with his girlfriend in the near future… and my marriage is currently in the toilet…but yeah, other than that my life is just fine thank you very much!!!

Stay tuned….more to come!