The worst kind of pain…

…is the pain when you watch your beloved child make the worst of mistakes with the full confidence of someone too young to know better…




3 thoughts on “The worst kind of pain…

  1. That does sound painful. All we as parents can do is share our best advice and reasoning, but really their life is theirs to live once they reach adulthood. I’m assuming the beloved child is an adult. Sometimes I reflect on what it’s like to be God and see so many of His beloved children making mistakes…

  2. No, he’s not an adult, but he sees himself as one. He’s 18 and still in high school and in his words “I’m a man now mom” For years I’ve told him, let’s get through high school and then you can move out or do whatever it is you need to do…well, he feels that as a junior in high school that the time is now!

    I agree about your reflection on how the Lord sees us making so many mistakes, when really we all know better. He left us His word and Church to guide, but don’t so many of us feel that we know better!

    If I may be so bold, please pray for my boy. He needs lots of prayers.

    Thank you.

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