How long? However long O Lord!

“Surely, this cannot last forever”  

fruit-of-the-spirit.jpg (1280×800)

That is a phrase well used throughout my life…whether it related to the emotions of a disrupted friendship…a horrid boss at work…or 18 hours of induced labor with my first born.  I’ve always taken suffering with the knowledge and assurance that it is NOT forever and there will be a foreseeable change.

Except, this time the suffering is not being measured across hours…weeks…or months, but rather for years. YEARS!!!  The change in condition which has always been the light at the end of my tunnel does not appear to be coming to a fullness or a culmination. But rather, it is the same thing…day in…day out…

And so, my next thought turns to this… “what is the Lord wishing for me to learn from this?”  because I firmly believe that when life turns to a steaming pile of the poo emoji, one can either sink into the stench and let that become the “new normal” or one can continue to search for the way to lift oneself out and back onto firm ground with sunshine and butterflies and Boston Terrier and Boxer puppies for all.

I believe I’m finding the way out…and I’ll write about that more in my next post…

Mwah and Love and Hugs,

May the dear Lord bless you all!

I will pray for you, please pray for me.


2 thoughts on “How long? However long O Lord!

  1. Glad to see you’re still kicking MamaBear…thought you’d given up on blogging. And from your post I see that you are indeed literally still kicking. I did a post recently called Wit and Wisdom about proverbs from different cultures. I’d like to share two Irish ones with you: “However long the day, evening will come.” and “There’s nothing so bad it couldn’t be worse”. I’ve personally always found solace and strength when going through a tough time by reminding myself that it could be worse…and I don’t have a shred of Irish in me as far as I know 🙂 Hang in there and keep believing and fighting the good fight.

    • Still kicking, but no longer with steady access to a home computer! My husband’s computer crashed and somehow MY computer became HIS work computer! 😦

      I love those Irish proverbs! Especially “There’s nothing so bad it couldn’t be worse” That is soooo true!!!!

      Thanks for reading. 🙂 Hopefully, posts will come at a quicker pace.

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