And lies will be truth and truth will be lies…

It’s been a tough life recently…conflicts with my beloved Spawn in which they really, REALLY want me to voice approval of choices which I ADAMENTLY DO NOT APPROVE OF and which have made me the “bad mama” as other parental figures in their lives think their choices are just peachy.

It’s a lonely time to be a conservative Roman Catholic, or really a person who upholds traditional values and faith in God. It’s a lonely time to proclaim as truth what the Church and bible teaches and which I believe to the very core of my being. For brief moments at Church, in my small groups, and with carefully selected Twitter and Instagram followers I can be recharged with affirmation and see others with the same struggles. But, in my professional world and in the general mass of people I see each day, well there I am bombarded with crude, ugly “jokes” about my faith, how I live my life, and my core values. I have gone from trying to talk with them to now tuning them out as I realized that dialogue only fueled their contempt for Jesus, Mary, God, the Pope, the Church and in all truth – contempt for ME. We can have short, pleasant chats about their incredibly dreary lives and which new worldly and shiny objects are their new false idols, but sooner or later they too want me to say that I agree with their empty value systems and voice admiration. When they do not hear my affirmations, sneaky and sly  looks are exchanged, and vulgar comments slip past their tongues. Which is then my cue to smile sweetly, wish them a great day, and to start my daily journey be-bopping across the state.

When is the craziness that is gripping America going to end?




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