3-Minute Retreats – Daily Online Prayer – Loyola Press

I have a friend who is, without a doubt, the most christian person I’ve ever met. She actually glows with the light of the Holy Spirit and her faith is such a strong and unbreakable force in her life.

She led me to this simple, yet powerful, daily retreat. I invite all of you who are seeking daily spiritual nourishment to take a few minutes out of your hectic day to visit here:

3-Minute Retreats – Daily Online Prayer – Loyola Press.


Pope Francis I


Words cannot express my joy and happiness at the selection of Jorge Bergoglio as the new head of the Most Holy Roman Catholic Church.  Immediately, upon seeing his beautiful face my heart rejoiced. I believe Pope Francis I can help heal and unify us.

Oh, and to those haters who have nothing better to do than to mock, be intolerant, rude and disrespectful to a holy man who will *not* impact their life at all, and yet choose to laugh and hurt those of us who love him….well, to put it simply: go to hell. No. Really. Go.