I did it! I Cortez-ed myself!!!!


Today I did it! I gave four week notice at the Hell Mouth.  Told them June 7th will be my last day. I felt shaky and nervous and rather vomitous as well.  I first told my “big boss” what I was doing, and in his usual fashion he was supportive and encouraging. I wish everyone could have a boss like him because Esteban has no ego and no wish to advance on the backs of others.  After I met with him, I left feeling empowered, valuable, and a contributor to the organization.

Then I met with Dilbert,my immediate supervisor who is best described as a let-me-advance-while-stepping-on-your-back-and-pushing-your-face-into-the-mud-and-taking-credit-for-your-ideas. He could not contain his glee to be rid of me. I left that meeting feeling worthless and frustrated and totally validated in my decision to shake the dust of the Hell Mouth from my feet.

Now, let me say the Hell Mouth, like in Sunnydale, is confined to a specific area. Namely, my department. I love the rest of the facility. I will truly miss some very good people I’ve met.

So, click, listen and imagine my awesome air guitar to my theme song:


My hero!!! Buffy the Vampire Slayer