Well, that’s that…

The minute I threaten my subconscious that I’m going to blog my dreams – WHAM! They become so patently obvious that they bore ME to even remember them. I need to crack the whip over my mind a little more often. Maybe I should crack the whip over my appetite as well, because once again I’m tipping the scales.   Sadly, however, my return to healthful daily exercise has been cut short due to the news that my right knee is damaged once again. A few years back, my knee would “catch” or “click” when I walked. That was a torn meniscus. I’ve been experiencing pain once again and found my ACL is damaged and I need more surgery. I am going to a SPORTS INJURY CLINIC which tickles me because you will NEVER meet a more un-athletic, uncoordinated fat woman  in your life.  I’ve been cursed with clumsiness ever since I was a un-athletic, uncoordinated thin girl in my childhood. But there I will be, getting seen by physicians who treat REAL ATHLETES!  Watch me do my happy dance….