Things that are just too sweet to pass up…

As a short, fat, Mexican-American woman, you’d think I’d be working harder to defy the chubby-gene which I’ve been cursed to endure during this life time. Nope. No defiance here. I am horribly addicted not only to chocolate, but to all things sweet in general.

At Christmas time, we try to make a new and original dessert. We made this chocolate ganache, candied orange cake. Okay, to be truthful we said “screw the candied oranges” and just went with the rest. This cake is the best. Simply the best. It’s so rich that a very thin slice will keep you happy and satisfied. 


My husband calls this the “11 hour” cake because of the time it took him to make it start to finish. It is *amazing* We skipped the candied orange part and it was still amazingly perfect.