I’m moving on up!


Moving up North that is!

Pookie and I have decided to make the frozen North our home again. Pookie and Vita made the trip up in a moving van. I drove our car. A car filled with four dogs and one cat! And they were surprisingly good travelers and didn’t give me up with bad doggie behavior as I snuck them into my hotel room. Yes. I know. Sneaking is bad. But, they are very well housetrained and I didn’t have the $20 extra per pet to pay at the time. That’s my reasoning. That’s my excuse. I’m standing by it.

I was back in my Northern homeland for 6 precious days….days of mild weather, good ethnic restaurants and most importantly….MY FRIENDS!!! I was able to see, laugh, and chat with people that are still dear to my heart, even after being apart for almost 7 years. As my bestie Shirley told me “it’s like you never left!”

I’ve now returned to the RGV to give my 30 day notice and then drive up in the middle of June. I’m rooming with Buster, my only brother. Buster who as the only male in a Hispanic household is the reigning King. Buster will deserve his own blog post at some time. He is the delight of my heart. A pain in the ass as well. But, a delight of my heart nonetheless.

Returning without my Pookie and Vita has been hard. I never really put down roots here and it’s like everyone but me is at a fabulous party. I’m quite pouty and whiney about it all. Buster says I’m getting on his nerves with my sour face. Buster is gonna have to deal with it for the next four weeks. 😉