Last day at the Hell Mouth….SURPRISE!


Well dear friends, let me clarify, when I say “Hell Mouth” that is  not comprehensively descriptive of everyone in my office and the RGV. Just like Buffy had her Scoobey gang, I had a small group of wonderful and dear people. Unfortunately, except for two, *none* of them worked in my department.  My actual days were spent being made miserable by Dilbert and his Rotten-Egg Gang and then seeking support from my Angels.

Well, as my time drew to a close, attempts to plan a big get together just fell apart.  The last two weeks were days of one-on-one lunches, a drink and appetizer evening out, and short, fun visits. Overall I was feeling happy and content.

My last day began with me training the new replacement and as we went from department to department saying final goodbyes. Mary-Lou (a beautiful person who works in H.R.)  had offered to have lunch in the cafeteria with me and I was so excited! I invited a few others to join us, but received polite declines. It was Friday after all, and lots of people cut out early.

So, imagine my delight when one department paged me and I walked into a surprise party of cake and gifts! Beaming. I was just beaming. Then, I get a page that H.R. needed me to come A.S.A.P. and sign discharge documents and I needed to hurry.

I get to H.R. and the employee health nurse and recruiter were impatiently waiting and said they’d like to have a fast lunch before I left. I told them of Mary-Lou and they agreed to come along BUT my discharge papers were in the office and my leaving had to be finalized as soon as possible.

We quickly hurried to my department, we walked in and….


Every one of the people I loved best, INCLUDING those who said they were not going to be around were there with a beautiful lunch, a pink feathered boa, cake and presents!!!  I burst into tears. Me. I’m not a sentimental crier in the least, but there I stood speechless with tears running down my face. All of H.R., our COO and wife (whom I adore), parents of a child I had worked with, the angel people from the department were there clapping and celebrating me.  This was more than I had ever imagined or dreamed.

As you get to know me better, you will know that way deep down I have trouble believing that I am important to other people. The reasons for this are long, likely boring, but I lack that confidence that I am someone special or that I am worthy of this love. So, this goodbye party, in short, was a big WOW of love straight to my heart.  Many people went to great lengths for this to happen and it was humbling and joyous for me.

I’m still smiling…and there just may be a tear or two as I remember that day…