Painting for poser-artists!

Now, some of you know that I’ve taken these awesomely fun painting courses that they offer here in town. They are kinda, sorta an adult “paint by numbers but without the numbers” and may be frequented by no-talent posers like me. 😉

I’ve painted two of my beloved dogs (with varying results as you can see below!)


But it was fun and relaxing and most importantly they let you drink wine!!!!

But, the most fun I’ve had I have to say was when my beloved Rupert joined me for a night out. Now, aren’t these the most AMAZING paintings ever?? The image was suppose to be the state we live in, but we went RENEGADE and painted those cups all defiantly! In fact, when I asked the artist-instructor for pointers on improving my mug, I got a sniff and a “that’s fine, I’ve no suggestions” and flounced off to help the sheep in the class who were going along with the plan.

For a rule follower like me, it was heady and reckless and I’d do it again next time!


If nothing else, it was a beautiful respite from the tumultuousness that defines my life lately.

ps: feel free to leave LAVISH praise!  Kidding…not kidding  😉






Insightful follow up to Anderson Cooper’s murderous ways…

Foreshadowing of his future...

Foreshadowing of his future…

Insightful follow up to Anderson Cooper’s murderous ways…

Rupert showed me this website…it made me laugh…it made me cringe…it made me a wee bit more fearful of AC!

What no mother ever wants to hear…

“I was hit by a car, but I’m not seriously hurt…can you come to the E.R. for me please?”

Rupert is loving his new job as a bicycle delivery guy, dishwasher, food maker, etc. for one of our local university restaurants.  While working tonight, he was hit by a car. Thankfully, not a hit and run and the driver left their information.  Damage is still being assessed.  My poor boy.