Raising a serial killer….


Barely weaned. Alone in the world.

Ugh!!!  First off, I am an animal lover, especially of wild animals and I love to feed them and watch them. Although we live smack dab in the city, there is a 10 acre woods behind our home which is host to deer, birds, rabbits, squirrels, etc.  We never throw old and unedible produce away, but we toss it into the woods for these creatures to enjoy, and then we enjoy sitting cozy in the living room and watching them feast upon this unexpected bounty.

Well, since moving back I was rather shocked at the lack of squirrels around our home. Now, some people are uncharitable towards those sweet creatures, but we love them and I feed them along with the birds. It makes me happy to sip my extra dark roast with cream, while nibbling on a double chocolate donut, and see the birds hopping around and the squirrels filling their fat little cheeks with my offerings.

Our tabby cat, Anderson Cooper, was a rescue from the mean streets of Brownsville. That first photo was of him the day he appeared as a stray, just barely weaned, and he popped up at my friend’s house begging for some loving attention. Having recently lost our beloved tuxedo cat, Andy Cohen, we agreed to make Anderson Cooper a part of our lives.


Curling up with his love, Lola (who is not ready to go public with their relationship, and so hid her face)

Anderson is an affectionate kitty who enjoys the comforts of home.  He has escaped to the outdoors a few times, and when he is captured, he is a little feral at first before he settles into the rhythm of our home. Anderson  is the love of Lola the Weinmariner. (They shared an illicit, cross species love affair that few view as valid, but they are lobbying for acceptance of cross species relationships, but I digress, that is another post for another time.)

Anyway, imagine my JOY when yesterday there was a young squirrel running around our front yard!

Imagine my HORROR when Pookie sits down a few hours later and said “I’ll take the hit for this. I’m sorry”

It seems Anderson was yowling to get outside (he is neutered by the way, and was while he was quite young, so this wasn’t a call to respond to wanton, sexual yearnings) and Pookie, taking pity, let him outside. Pookie let him out thinking Anderson would spend his time stalking butterflies and lying in the sun.



And now, he he sits, planning his next victim…looking at me innocently and begging for some more, left over,  buttered popcorn. I’ve raised a remorseless killer.


Dreaming of his next victim…BWAHAHAHAHAHA…..