A Vita Story…


My Vita, after going through a phase of appearing to “get it” has made some regressions in his behavior with his dad. This effectively has put me in the middle of some pretty intense disagreements and it is very emotionally draining.

Well, last week V and I were downstairs doing laundry when he looked up and said “Mom, you are the heart of this house. You are the soul of this family.”

And just as tears were starting to form in my eyes he continued with “Well, you know if you died, I wouldn’t cry or nothing but I’d think of you as I packed my bags to go live with Mrs. K.”

I looked at him and busted out laughing.

This, I think, is the perfect and honest example of the way a child with attachment disorder feels. Vita tells me constantly he loves me, and I think he does in the best way he can – but, if I were to die he’d be able to move on with no heartbreak…